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Team Members
Licensing Advisory on Fintech Payment

We are help our Client to have completed documentation and robust implementations all of BI requirement for all of Payment Player such as:

- E-Money & QRIS

- E-Wallet

- Payment Gateway

- Fund Transfer

- Layanan Keuangan Digital

- Switching

- Principal

- Reconciliation and Settlement 

Office Meeting
Licensing Advisory on Fintech Lending & Equity Crowd-Funding

Help Client as expert consultant in obtaining licenses and / or finding a company that can be acquired by clients to carry out the Business Plan from the relevant Regulator. In connection with the foregoing matters, the consulting services to be provided by ADS in conjunction with other Client consultants include:

- Studying and analyzing related documents;

- Upon the request of the Client, to give advice and opinion, whether oral or written, to any problems arising;

- Accompany and represent the Client in communicating and corresponding with regulators regarding the framework of the Business Plan

- In the framework of the Client's plan of acquisition of an existing financing company, ADS in this case is in charge of finding the company and introducing the Client to the company in question.

Office Conversation
Retainer Services - Risk Legal and Compliance
  1. Define the risk, legal and compliance organization objective of the client company, which should include, inter-alia, the following stream of activities:

    • Regulatory & Policy Research stream (providing and supporting stakeholders in gaining access to relevant regulatory insights relevant to further biz development of client company in Indonesia).

  2. Assist companies in ensuring and maintaining the realization of a corporate culture that always complies with all applicable laws and regulations, the implementation of prudential principles in business management and the fulfillment of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), especially in implementing Risk, Legal Counsel, and Compliance including Anti Money Laundering & Counter Financing Terrorism framework.

  3. Other tasks as agreed.

Data Reviewing
Retainer Services - Biz Strategy and Products
  • Assessment and investigation of the potential structure of product and business, including viability assessment but excluding any legal and tax consultation (to be conducted by third parties’ contractors as required).

  • Mapping the potential domestic resources (i.e., researchers and other potential partners) available to be engaged by the client.

  • High-level assessment on the demand-side potential knowledge gaps on Client. 

  • Define the strategic objective of the client company, which should include, inter-alia, the following stream of activities:

    • Strategic Plan stream (facilitating convening sessions among the stakeholders, aimed at catalyzing the development business to the objective of the products and company).

  • Other tasks as agreed.

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